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Responsive Designs and Mobile First

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Responsive Designs and Mobile First

Responsive Designs and Mobile First

Over time, people using PCs and laptops to access information over the web is declining if sources are to be believed – but as we discussed, it is overridden by the use of mobile devices, as people are using these to access information.

In Kenya, on an average, 71% of the total time spent on a website comes from mobile. So the ease that a mobile device offers – as it can be carried anywhere at any time – is what makes it the people’s potential choice to browse, make purchase decisions and finally shop for a product. So when you are designing your B2B website, it is important that you consider how your site will appear on these devices and accordingly adjust your design and its corresponding elements. This is where responsive design comes into the bigger picture – it will help you to think of a proper screen size – regardless of whether the site would be viewed on mobile or desktop devices – allowing users or visitors to view it across any devices.

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